ICT Tools for Assessment and Feedback

I recently presented a couple of sessions at the Adventist Schools Victoria Annual Conference, held at Nunawading Christian College. These events are always filled with great ideas, great people and excellent networking opportunities (ie. Time to chat with people from schools you haven’t seen in a while). I’m always left impressed by the innovative things that teachers are already doing with students in their classrooms with ICT.

I had the pleasure of partnering with Scott Westray from Gilson College who has done some terrific work with podcasting and assessment. Instead of just the normal written feedback for his English classes, he created a five minute podcast which outlined their strengths, weaknesses and marks. Students loved this form of feedback. A link to his in class research and study can be found here.

We discussed as a group some reasons why it would be beneficial to use ICT for feedback and assessment. Some of them include:

  • Organisation (Folders, tabs, labels, notebooks)
  • Track progress (see progress live, check revision history)
  • Collaboration (peer editing, students can respond to and edit comments)
  • Versatile, accessible
  • Cloud based/does not get lost
  • Streamline/save time

What reasons do you use ICT to send/receive assessments and feedback?

And what tools do you use to achieve this? Click here to fill out an online poll.

Some excellent tools to experiment with are: Explain Everything (for iPad), Google Docs for streamlining commenting on work (all devices), Jing for capturing your screen (PC or Mac) and Technology such as TurnItIn for detecting plagiarism.

Copy of presentation and links:

[slideshare id=30365900&style=border: 1px solid #CCC; border-width: 1px 1px 0; margin-bottom: 5px; max-width: 100%;&sc=no]



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